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CNV Selettiva Centro GP di Viterbo | 17-18 settembre

CRODO DAY | October/December 2022

CRODO DAY | October/December 2022

Rent a kart and win a replica helmet of the Leopard Racing Team

The one that will set the best time at each round, will immediately win a FREE RENTAL, and will be able to participate at the end of December 2022 with the best 10 lap times in a free kart race with a REPLICA HELMET OF THE LEOPARD TEAM. 🥇📌

The chrono day offer is valid in case of participants, of at least 6 people per shift (not necessarily of their own group)


Attenzione: Resteremo chiusi per lavori in corso  dal 4 Ottobre 2023 al 15 Maggio 2024. Rimanete con il motore acceso che si ripartirà a tutto gas

Strada Statale Cassia Nord Km. 90+300, 01100
+39 375 643 4905